Ocimum Infrastructure


Process Development and Scale-up Production

Transferring a process from lab scale into semi-bulk or bulk production is often one of the more difficult aspects of chemical production. Even with a good production process semi-bulk volumes are tricky amounts to produce - too large for some companies and too small for other companies to handle efficiently. At OCIMUM Life Sciences Pvt Ltd, project evaluation, competitive pricing and lead times remain an integral part of our semi-bulk and bulk production service.

At OCIMUM Life Sciences Pvt Ltd we have considerable experience in semi-bulk production. Pure research chemists are not always aware of the equipment constraints or pressures of the larger scale production environment, and to a degree why should they be, the parameters are often quite different. Availability of raw materials, process robustness and environmental impact become more important decision factors.

Ever increasing regulation and legislation, health and safety, environmental, and shipping requirements to name but a few, require strict compliance, the dreaded red tape and paperwork, and this too is an area that OCIMUM Life Sciences Pvt Ltd take very seriously indeed.